20 Cool Facts About Hamsters You Probably Didn’t Know

Hamsters are cool, fluffy, and teeny weeny; we already know that. But in today’s post, we’re giving you 20 cool facts about hamsters you probably didn’t know. So let’s get straight into it!

1. Hamsters Can Be Found in the Wild

Many think hamsters are born and bred to be kept in cages and to keep us humans company. However, these tiny rodents roam around in the wild, too. 

2. Hamsters Eat Their Babies

This hamster fact is quite disturbing, but it’s something to be aware of if you ever wind up with a pregnant hamster. If you ever touch a hamster’s young, she can see it as vulnerable and eat it.

Likewise, if she becomes overly stressed, a new momma hamster can turn to eating her young. So, 100% keep this in mind if you’re dealing with newborn hamsters.

3. Hamsters Love to Explore

You probably already know this if you’ve ever taken your hamster out of its cage to run around. That’s exactly what they do – run around! And in the wild, hamsters run and explore for miles and miles each night. There’s just no stopping them!

4. Hamsters Are Smart

You may think hamsters have tiny brains, so they can’t be that smart. Wrong. Hamsters have natural problem-solving skills and can work their way through a maze, but that’s not all. If you say your hamster’s name to them enough, they will learn and respond to it. How cute!

5. A Hamster’s Front Teeth Never Stop Growing

It is vital that you provide your hamster with something to chew on for this fact. If you don’t, they have nothing to file their teeth down, which can cause overgrown teeth. Don’t let your hammie suffer; keep them well looked after.

6. Hamsters Have a Terrible Short-Term Memory

Sometimes, hamsters will start something and forget what they were doing. We’ve all been there. But don’t worry, your hamster won’t forget you; their long-term memory is much better.

7. It’s Illegal to Own a Hamster in Hawaii

This cool hamster fact sounds weird, but it’s true. Hawaii is home to many endangered plants and animals. So, they fear hamsters could escape, feed off the wildlife, and jeopardise these delicate species. Who knew such a tiny creature could cause so much havoc?

8. Syrian Hamsters Can Become Cannibals if Not Kept Alone

Overall, hamsters are solitary animals and should be kept in their own cage. This is especially true for Syrian hamsters. If you dare to keep more than one together, you’ll soon learn why these creatures are best separated.

9. Hamster Cheek Pouches Can Carry 20% Of Their Weight 

That’s a lot of food storage these tiny creatures have! But if you’ve seen your hamster’s cheeks when they’re full, you can probably believe this hamster fact. 

10. Hamsters Can Be Trained

We already mentioned that hamsters are intelligent, but they’re more than smart. If you dedicate enough time and energy to your wee pet, you can train them to do tricks or interact with you in a more advanced way. 

11. Hamsters Are Born Blind and Deaf

It takes approximately two weeks for hamsters to open their eyes. Even once this happens, their eyesight is bad for the remainder of their life. However, even though they’re born deaf, this sense heightens as they go from pup to adult. 

12. Hamsters Can Run Backward

Hamsters are FAST! But the shape of their feet also allows them to run backwards. Pretty cool, huh?

13. Hamsters Can Catch Your Cold

This hamster fact is a very good one to know. You may be a little under the weather and just want to snuggle with your hamster, but it may not be a good idea. Hamsters can catch your cold and get sick, too. Best keep your runny nose away from them!

14. Hamsters Are Clean

This hamster fact may not sound true, but people get these creatures wrong. Many hear the word rodent and think hamsters are dirty. In fact, hamsters love to keep themselves clean, and you’ll notice they do their ‘business’ in dedicated areas of their cage.

15. The Word Hamster Is German

‘Hamstern’ is the German word for ‘hoard’, which happens to be a favourite pastime of these wee creatures. 

16. Chocolate Is Toxic to Hamsters

Going without chocolate may sound awful to you, but it’s for the best for your hamster. A compound in chocolate called theobromine is toxic to your furry friend. The good news – more chocolate for you!

17. Syrian Hamsters Are the Most Popular

Syrian hamsters are the most popular because they’re known for being very docile and enjoy being held. They’re also the biggest breed, so they’re easy to handle.

18. A Hamster’s Scientific Name Is Cricetinae

We bet you didn’t know this hamster fact! Cricetinae includes 19 species in seven genera (a classification above species).

19. Hamsters Have Moods

We all have good and bad days, but did you know hamsters do too? So if you notice that your hamster seems a little off one day, try to love them a little extra. Of course, always provide your hamster with everything they need to keep them happy, too.

20. Hamsters Naturally Like to Hide

In the wild, hamsters dig burrows to live in. This natural instinct won’t leave your pet hamster. So, provide them with bedding to burrow into and hideaway toys to keep them happy. 

Bonus Hamster Fact

Before you go, here’s a bonus hamster fact for you. The first hamsters came from Syria. Of course, you’ve heard of the Syrian hamster breed because we mentioned it earlier. But hamsters have also lived all over the world, including in Greece and northern China.

So there you have it, 20 (+1) cool hamster facts you probably didn’t know. Your hamster knowledge is now officially next level!