What makes hamsters the ideal pet?

9 Reasons Why Hamsters Are the Perfect Pet

A lot of people have a dog or a cat, but have you ever considered that a hamster might be a much better option?

We have 9 reasons why hamsters are the perfect pet, which will make you think twice about introducing any other animal into your home.

So, let’s get into it:

1. Hamsters are cute

You might be into weird and wonderful-looking creatures, but most of us simply love adorable animals to which we can say, ‘aww.’ 

Hamsters certainly fall under the ‘aww’ category of cuteness because they’re small, fluffy, and their noses twitch. Not to mention when they start puffing out their cheeks by storing a year’s worth of food there! Is there anything cuter than puffy cheeks?

2. Hamsters are entertaining

Hamsters are the perfect pet because they’re not only cute to look at, but they’re great to keep you entertained.

Whether you watch them Usain Bolt it around their hamster wheel or let them wander along your arms and legs, watching a hamster scurry about is always cute and fun.

We’ll get into the world of hamster cages later in this article, but if you’re the type to build an assault course in your hamster’s cage, that’s hours of entertainment right there!

3. Hamsters are cheap

The phrase “cheap and cheerful” should have been created to define the hamster. Food is already a significant expense for us humans and an even bigger one when you add a pet into the mix, but hamsters aren’t going to break your budget.

Hamsters are tiny creatures, so they don’t need endless amounts of food and water, and their cage, wheel, and other supplies are inexpensive, too. The cheapness certainly makes me cheerful!

4. Hamsters take up almost no space

As well as not adding stress to your wallet or purse, hamsters make the ideal pet because they don’t add stress to your living space. For example, if you live in a small apartment, cramming a Great Dane in would be a different story from placing a petite hamster cage in the far corner of the living room.

Of course, there’s always the option to enhance your hamster’s living space, which brings us to reason number 5 for why hamsters are the perfect pet.

5. You can build them a castle

Now, not everyone is going to want to build a castle, mansion, or assault course for their hamster. But, the option is there. There are so many types of cages, add-ons to cages, cool tunnels, and slides, you name it, to make your hamster’s crib cooler than cool.

But even if you don’t pimp out your hamster’s cage…

6. Hamsters aren’t needy

Hamsters don’t need much at all. They’re not going to be waiting for you when you get home, jumping up and begging for your attention the minute you walk through the door. Hamsters are quite content in their cage, extravagant or not, and don’t need your validation.

This also goes for walking your hamster – you don’t need to! If you have a dog, you’ll be outside, rain or shine, ensuring their exercise needs are met. With a hamster, they’ll walk themselves! 

Provided they have a wheel and something to climb on, hamsters practically have their own in-home gym, which they’re more than happy with.

So, if you want a pet you can play with when you feel like it, a hamster is great.

7. They’re easy to clean

Let’s stay on the low-maintenance side of things. Hamsters are extremely easy to clean up after. There’s no making sure you have the poop bags ready and having to come face to face with a warm, steamy poo on the pavement.

Hamsters are tiny, and so are their poops, making cleaning out a hamster cage a much more pleasurable experience than picking up after a dog, for example. Remember that Great Dane we mentioned earlier? Imagine the size of that thing’s poops!

Another plus is that you don’t have to clean up after them every single day. Once a week is plenty for a single hamster, giving you more time to do what you want and less time picking up poop.

8. Hamsters aren’t a long-term commitment

Again, on the theme of low maintenance, hamsters only have a lifespan of roughly 2-4 years, so if you’re looking for a pet without 10+ years of commitment, a hamster couldn’t be more perfect.

Perhaps you’re thinking of getting a pet with a partner; if you broke up (but hopefully you don’t), deciding who takes the hamster is a much smaller ordeal than deciding who gets to keep the dog that you’re both unbelievably attached to.

9. They don’t need training

Finally, another one for all of you lazy people out there; hamsters don’t need training. This makes hamsters the ideal pet for anyone because you don’t have to worry about making sure they do their ‘business’ in the right place, teaching them to sit when you’ve had enough of them jumping all over you, and you don’t have to teach them how to behave around other animals and humans.

Of course, if you want to train your hamster to complete your custom assault course in under 30 seconds, go for it! Hamsters can be trained and taught tricks like many other pets. What makes hamsters the perfect pet is that training is 100% optional.

There you have it; 9 reasons why hamsters are the perfect pet; they’re cute, fun, and low-maintenance. What more could you want from a pet?