The Best Gifts to Buy for Hamster Lovers

Someone you know is obsessed with hamsters and probably has more than one of the furry little creatures in their home. They just can’t get enough of them.

But what do you buy someone who loves hamsters so much? Well, no matter if your hamster lover friend or family member is male, female, or a kid, we’ve got you covered in this article.

Let’s get into it!

Gifts For Male Hamster Lovers

Male hamster lovers may be lesser-known, but they’re out there. So if you have one in your life, here are the perfect gifts for them.

Hamster Socks

Socks, of course. Socks seem to be the number one gift for all men, so we may as well start here.

These cute novelty socks will please any male hamster lover in your life, especially if they’re into funky sock patterns. Plus, they’ll keep their feet warm. Funky and warm; what a great combo.

Hamster Keyring

This hamster keyring would be great for anyone who loves hamsters more than humans, but we think the guys will appreciate it the most. Men also always love a practical gift!

Hamster Dad T-shirt

No hamster dad is complete without a hamster dad t-shirt. This design is the epitome of cool, displaying a fist bump between dad and hamster. You just know the hamster dad you’d buy this for has 100% fist-bumped his hamster, so he’d love this.

Hamster Travel Mug

A hamster travel mug with an arrow that points to ‘this guy’ is perfect for the busy hamster men in your life. They can fill it with their tea or coffee and head on out for their day, telling the world about their hamster as they go. Perfect. 

Gifts For Female Hamster Lovers

Let’s move on to all the ladies out there representing hamster lovers like it’s their job. 

Hamster Makeup Bag

No female hamster lover would be complete without her own hamster makeup bag. It’s simple, cute, and practical. What more can you want?

Hamster Mama Sweatshirt

Hamster mamas can wear this shirt loudly and proudly! This sweatshirt is comfy and comes in various colours so that you can choose the perfect one for your favourite hamster lover.

Hamster Necklace

This retro hamster choker is perfect for the cool hamster and jewellery lovers in your life, who also like to make a bit of a fashion statement. Hamster on your neck? Not everyone can pull it off, but if you know someone who can, you can’t find a better hamster gift.

Hamster iPhone Case

Just like the makeup bag, this hamster iPhone case is simple, cute, and practical. It’s also an excellent way for your hamster lover friend to tell the world that she loves hamsters, too.

Gifts For Kid Hamster Lovers

So, the men and women are sorted, but what about the kids? 

Hamster Colouring Book

The perfect hamster lover gift for the little ones has to be a colouring book. Kids love to colour things, adults don’t want them to be their walls, so this just makes sense.

This hamster colouring book will keep kids happy and entertained for hours.

Hamster Slippers

Hamsters are fluffy and cute, and so are these hamster slippers. Any kid would be thrilled to walk around in these, especially if their love for hamsters is through the roof.

My Hamster Ate My Homework T-Shirt

This ‘my hamster ate my homework’ t-shirt has to be the best hamster lover gift for kids on this list. The old excuse that the dog ate your homework just won’t fly if you don’t have a dog, so this is great for all hamster-owning kids.

Books About Hamsters

Not every kid loves to read, but this hamster care book is awesome for those children who do love hamsters.

Gifts For All Hamster Lovers

Finally, here are a few gifts for hamster lovers, no matter who they are.

Hamster Popsocket

Most people have popsockets on the back of their phones these days, and if your beloved hamster lover doesn’t want an entire phone case covered in hamsters, this hamster popsocket is the next best thing. 

Hamster Saying Tote Bag

Another practical gift, this tote bag displaying: leave me alone I’m only speaking to my hamster today, would be perfect for anyone who needs to put anything into a bag. That’s all of us, right?

Hamster Sign

Perhaps the hamster lover you know isn’t a single person but an entire family. So this ‘we love hamsters’ sign would be a fantastic gift for a hamster-loving family.

So there you have it, the best gifts to buy for hamster lovers, with more than enough options to choose from.

Happy shopping!